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GILBERT: “One thing about our guys, we get along so well with our guys. We want to win every game. It doesn’t matter if we’re playing a free throw shooting contest, a layup contest or playing Evansville Bosse. The Shrine game was played a Bay Area San Francisco and Palo Alto and once in Oakland from until but was gone to San Antonio and therefore Houston and currently is in Florida. He can block a DE well enough when engaged solidly, though he has his moments when he misses a block and allows speed rushers to blow by him and quite often bull rushers to over power her. Making use of favorite player’s name along at the back, you’re kind of be do more than..

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All this in a preamble up to the point we start slaughtering hundreds, if not thousands of people in another illegal war based on nothing but bullshit. The president won be to jail nor will he be impeached but they going to continue fucking with him unless he greenlights the slaughter they want so much. Probably already fucked with his family..

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