Over the years, the league concept has grown and now we have a

One night we sat on the floor in the hallway of her hotel room talking until four o in the morning about snowboarding and boys. I pointed and yelled, There Seal! at the top of my lungs so my friend John had to throw his hand over my mouth and drag me the other way. (No, I didn really do that.

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Both reviews cite technical hiccups that don detract from the game significantly. Yet one was scored higher, despite being called a not perfect game, while this review seemingly never slowed down in its praise. Some might find that strange, but it does come down to the reviewers themselves.

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When I took it, the professor went over all the projects in the first few weeks and then we used an online survey to select our top 3 or 4 choices. I got into my first choice, but I know of people who were placed into a random project they hadn selected. There will naturally be projects few people are interested in, and they gotta fill those up too..

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